In house Laboratory

At Ettrick Animal Hospital, we have an in-house laboratory that allows us to perform certain tests and receive accurate results quickly. Using our in-house laboratory, we are able to run the following blood tests and chemical analyses.

  • Serum chemistry– Blood is separated and serum is drawn and analyzed. This testing is used to assess the function of body systems. Blood serum tests help to evaluate organ, hormonal and electrolyte status. They are important in evaluating senior pets, pets with exposure to toxins, those who have been unwell. Pets receiving extended medication also receive this test.
  • Hematology– Hematology allows us to study, diagnose and treat blood diseases.
  • Urinalysis– Urine is tested to diagnose multiple disorders including urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes.
  • Heartworm testing– Heartworm is a deadly parasite that can be transmitted by a single mosquito bite. Heartworm testing is recommended annually for dogs.
  • FeLV/FIV testing– Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) are two lethal diseases. When undetected they can cause premature death.
  • Fructosamine testing– Allows us to monitor glucose levels in diabetic animals
  • Pancreatitis testing– Serum TLI Concentration is the most favored diagnostic test for Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency in dogs and cats.
  • Thyroid testing (T4) – T4 testing allows us to quickly and accurately analyze your animal’s thyroid level. This is used to detect thyroid issues or monitor pets that are on thyroid medication to ensure the correct medication dosage.
  • Progesterone testing – If you are interested in breeding your pet, this test allows us to more reliably predict ovulation and estimate optimal fertility.
  • Phenobarbitone testing – Is helpful in monitoring the levels of phenobarbitone in your pet’s blood. Animals that are epileptic may be on this medication and the results allow our vets to adjust the dose accordingly.

In more complex cases, we may advise sending samples to a referral laboratory to be reviewed by an expert histopathologist.