End of life care & Euthanasia

Having a pet is a wonderful experience that brings an immense amount of joy but sadly the time will come when you have to let your friend go.  The decision to say goodbye to a much-loved family member is one of the most difficult you will have to make as a pet owner.  Our team is here to help guide you and answer any questions you may have.  We are committed to ensuring that the last moments of your pet’s life are pain-free and peaceful.  We can provide this service within the hospital or your own home.

Another difficult decision is what to do with your beloved pet after they have passed away. You may take your pet to bury at home or we are able to arrange for your pet to be buried with other pets. You can also arrange for your pet to be cremated but please note that this may take some time. If you do not feel able to make a decision straight away, we are able to keep your pet with us for 7 days.