House Calls

We understand that for some pets travelling to the hospital or being examined away from home is a very stressful experience. As your pet’s comfort is our number one priority, we are proud to offer home visits where appropriate. At Ettrick Animal Hospital, we are able to bring safe, convenient and high-quality veterinary care to your door and examine your pet where they are most comfortable.


  • Annual health exams and vaccinations
  • Exams for unwell pets
  • Health certificates for travelling
  • Euthanasia

We recommended booking an appointment at our hospital if possible as we believe that all animals greatly benefit from becoming accustomed to the hospital environment and different members of staff. If your animal were to become unwell and require a hospital stay, it will be less stressful for them if they are familiar with the environment. However, if you or your pet find veterinary visits stressful, please call to discuss a home visit.