Our fully qualified and highly trained groomer, Chelsea, is able to groom all breeds to a high standard.  


We offer the following services 


Full Groom – Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks depending on breed. Includes a basic health check, conditioning bath,  blow dried/fluff dried, coat thoroughly brushed out, coat clipped and styled, ears cleaned and nails clipped.

Mini Groom – Ideal for a tidy up between full grooms. Includes conditioning bath, blow dry, coat thoroughly brushed out and sanitary trim. 

De-shedding Groom – Ideal for heavy coated breeds with thick undercoats or short haired breed to help reduce shedding. Includes conditioning bath, blow dry, through de-shedding of the coat, ears cleaned and nails clipped. 

Puppy Groom (Under 5 months) – It is very important that puppies become accustomed to being groomed. Our puppy groom includes a gentle introduction to the grooming process including a conditioning bath, blow dry, coat thoroughly brushed out, nails clipped, sanitary trim, clip and style. 


Our fitted groom room has the following features

  • Stainless steel bath that can be lowered or raised
  • A variety of high-quality hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners
  • A refreshing hypoallergenic facial cleanser to help
  • A variety of dryers that help to remove dead hair and undercoat
  • A variety of brushes, combs and undercoat rakes for different coat types
  • A variety of clippers suitable for different coat types


Our grooming service is currently available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Chelsea would be very happy to discuss your pet’s grooming requirements and answer any questions you may have.